Odisha And its Unique Art Initiative (BAT – Bhubaneswar Art Trail)

Bhubaneswar And Its Unique Art Initiative Bhubaneswar Art Trail (BAT) 2018: Innovative, Universal, Marquee By Charudutta Panigrahi The Bhubaneswar Art Trail (BAT) is a unique art initiative in the country, aiming at creating a creative space around Bhubaneswar’s Old Town (which is often described as the “a treasure trove of time since 6 century CE”), […]

Sailing away

Sailing Away Meandering river… Blue waves slithering, Lissome maiden, Nimble-footed on the stone Lighting every creek, With her coy outpour, On life’s gondola Through the curvy path Meandering river… (An adaptation of Akshaya Mohanty’s Ja Re Bhasi Bhasi Ja on canvas) By Charudutta Panigrahi Every nymphet has a story and so does every bend in the river – well juxtaposed. As […]