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Enlightenment is not just one state

There is no more noble responsibility towards the society than being with students and in knowledge sharing. Charudutta Panigrahi taking sessions for Central University of Odisha during COVID 19


2002 - Present

Founder and Mentor of FIDR with the mission of empowering the society with knowledge and sustainable resources for integrated development.

2013 - 2015


2018 - Present


2015 - Present

is a nonprofit think tank dedicated to the all-round development of Goa, with strategic focus on Livelihoods, in consonance with the State’s priorities. GLF has been nurtured by FIDR, mentored by Charudutta Panigrahi with support from diverse stakeholders of Goa.

About Me

Charudutta Panigrahi , author, futurist, is a prolific writer and an influential thinker from India in present times. A business school alumnus and a known aesthete, he has been responsible for pioneering technology & entrepreneurship in social work in Odisha and other geographies.






Bachelors in

Utkal University



Ravenshaw College


Graduation, Ravenshaw College


Think Tank 89%
Public Policy Expert 100%
Author/Poet 71%
Futurist 76%
Advisor (Govt. of India & Odisha) 85%
Advisor (Govt. of India & Odisha) 85%
Philanthropist 100%



How has FIDR been able to bring the change at the grassroots level?

Through invovling the communities right from the beginning and making it an inclusive process. You can’t have parachute development. Development has to be organic. FIDR has been able to do that.

Do you think getting more people into socio- development enterprise will have a positive impact on wider society?

Absolutely. This would help make the dreams of Gandhiji real. Social enterprises would make us more sustainable and help develop economies at the last mile.

Do you think getting involved in the social enterprise movement is one of the highest impact things to do?

Not one of the highest. It is The highest impact thing to do and I would urge youngsters to understand this sector and join.

What are some of the important learnings that you have gained so far in your journey? Any words of wisdom for the Indian youth who are ready to plunge into the development sector?

Social change dooesn’t come easily and so requires perseverance. The indian youth should realise that this country belongs to them and they should do their best to see their country in the best of health.

Connection between Odisha and you?

I am fortunate to have been born into a family which was involved directly and actively in the formation of the Odisha state. Many of my family members have been involved with Gandhiji in the freedom movement. Reaching out to masses has been ingrained into me from early life. My parents were conscientous and were very active and involved in many social causes. They were acclaimed writers which brought soft skills and development close to me.

Tell us a bit about your career background and the path that led you to set up FIDR?

I am from mainstream management studies from a premier institute of the country. But I took a deep dive into the development sector after my stint with DFID. That gave me an opportunity to use management tenets for the greater causes and reaching out to thousands of lives, then i realised that there is nothing like Development field to practice modern management. this is the best way to put my learning to use where you can see and feel the change. There is a direct co-relation between your efforts and the results.